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Valeriano Rodríguez St., 2 - 29604

Monday to Friday: 952 835 505 / Weekends, holidays and today: 625 089 320

Lunes a viernes:
918 522 546
Fines de semana, festivos y día en curso:
680 62 83 48

“AVENTURA AMAZONIA is much more than an amusement park”

"AVENTURA AMAZONIA is more than an amusement park"

A new concept in children's leisure activity, where kids are the leading characters in their own mini-adventure. If you are looking for children's activities in Malaga that contribute something more for your kids, and if you want to be safe in the knowledge that they’ll always want to repeat the experience all over again, AVENTURA AMAZONIA recommends these new activities for children. The proof is in the smiles of more than 100,000 children that have already passed through our adventure park.

There’s no need to think twice. This is one of the most attractive plans for children in Malaga that you can find outside the city. Activities for children in a natural environment, and especially those we have developed at AVENTURA AMAZONIA, benefit you children in ways that are clear to see as soon as they get started on the activity and you observe the emotions they experience and the sheer enjoyment of taking part.

  • Knowing and feeling that they are totally safe develops self-confidence in the children.
  • The existence of various circuits organised according to level of difficulty means that each child can choose where the fun starts and can set their own limits.
  • Activities are a tested method for developing physical and motor skills.
  • Activities provides psychological, physical and behavioural benefits, by encouraging positive attitudes of respect for the environment and nature.

Children's circuits are fully adapted to their needs, with speed-adjusted ziplines and everything designed to maximise their enjoyment in a natural and safe environment. And nobody needs reminding that the most fulfilling and healthy children's leisure activities are those enjoyed in Nature.

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