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Come to AVENTURA AMAZONIA and make your birthday an Adventure!!

AVENTURA AMAZONIA MARBELLA is the perfect place to celebrate your children’s birthdays in Malaga.  It’s different! It’s great fun! And you’re surrounded by nature! A new children's leisure concept in a totally natural and safe environment.  And one of the best activities for children you can find in Malaga. Your kids will enjoy themselves like never before! 

Ziplines, monkey bridges, flea jump, giant’s step and so much more!  As many as 104 challenges and obstacles, and 24 ziplines in the largest adventure park in Andalusia! The duration of the activity in the circuits is 3 hours, and children can do the circuits as many times as they want in those three hours.

The park provides facilities if you want to take your own lunch or afternoon tea, with benches and picnic tables throughout the park. You can also celebrate birthdays in the cafeteria, request specially prepared Birthday menus, and enjoy the food at the tables on the terrace or inside.

Celebrate your birthday in AVENTURA AMAZONIA and you'll experience an unforgettable day!!


From 1 to 7 kidsFrom 8 to 10Birthday Pack (+10 kids) *


4 to 6 yrs.



6 yrs. + 
from 1,15m. to 1,34m.

18€ (l. season)
21€ (p. season)
17€ (l. season)
20€ (p. season)
17€ (l. season)
20€ (p. season)


Under 16, from 1,35m+

20€ (l. season)
23€ (p. season)
19€ (l. season)
22€ (p. season)
19€ (l. season)
22€ (p. season)
* Free Backpack or Gloves Gift for the Birthday boy or girl.
Free ticket for the Birthday boy or girl is free.
Invitation to download on the web.
Peak Season : Easter, July and August..


Does the birthday pack include afternoon tea?

No. The birthday set meal must be ordered separately. The contents of the meal are listed above. 

Do the children go on the circuits alone or are they accompanied by the monitors?

The park monitors give the training course in which they teach the basic safety rules, show how to handle the personal protection equipment, and perform activities in an area specific for each one; the children go round the circuits on their own, and the monitors supervise from the ground that the activities are being performed correctly and the safety rules are being observed.  They are trained to intervene if necessary.

For birthdays in the 4 to 6 age group in Marbella, the park will provide a monitor to accompany them exclusively during the three hours of the event.

Is there a minimum number of participants to form a package?

Yes, there is a minimum of 11 children for the birthday package, but if you are less, you can also enjoy our facilities for celebrating your birthday.  You only have to call us and make your reservation, and the standard rates will apply.

Do adults that accompany children have to do the circuits with them? How much do they have to pay? 

New safety systems mean that children no longer need to be accompanied by an adult when doing the circuits. If an adult would like to enjoy this great adventure with the children, they will pay the adult price. It should be noted that, as well as doing the children’s circuits, adults are free to do the rest of the circuits during the 3 hours visitors are allowed to enjoy the activities. 

Do I need to wear gloves? What clothes should I wear?

Gloves aren’t necessary, but they make the activities a bit more comfortable for children. If you want your kids to use them, you can bring your own (typical fingerless cycling gloves), rent them (€2) or buy them (€6). They should wear comfortable clothes and sports shoes. They should dress according to the weather. However, in winter, you should bear in mind that they’ll soon get warm once they start on the activities! 

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