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Valeriano Rodríguez St., 2 - 29604

Monday to Friday: 952 835 505 / Weekends, holidays and today: 625 089 320

Lunes a viernes:
918 522 546
Fines de semana, festivos y día en curso:
680 62 83 48

We take care of you

At AVENTURA AMAZONIA we constantly strive for new levels of safety with a continuous improvement system to ensure that your experience is totally satisfactory, unique and, of course, SAFE.

Maximum safety is always our priority. That’s why the Marbella park uses the world’s most innovative safety system for adventure parks: the new CliC-iT smart carabiners. With this new system, carabiners "communicate" in such a way that if one should open, it is impossible to open the other, which ensures that the participant is hooked to the safety system at all times.

Our team of monitors also fulfils an important function, ensuring that each activity is interesting and safe. They teach you how to move freely through the treetop routes in the Initiation Course that all visitors have to do before heading onto the circuits. They also guide and advise you when doing the activities. And should the need arise, they have the necessary experience and techniques to lower anyone who wishes to get down to ground level in less than 3 minutes.

AVENTURA AMAZONIA monitors go through a stringent selection process, undergo a complete training programme, and undertake regular practise sessions throughout the year so that they can respond with maximum efficiency in any situation that may arise. 

The park has been built and managed in compliance with the demanding requirements established by European standard EN-15567, which was drawn up specifically for these types of treetop adventure parks.

In addition to the smart carabiner safety system, we also provide equipment that includes safety harnesses especially designed for these types of park and pulleys for zip lines. All equipment complies with EU regulations, and is approved and adapted to the specific needs of treetop adventure parks.

The control company, ARP Prevention, undertakes audits and annually certifies the safety of our adventure parks.


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