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Aventura Amazonia - Marbella Málaga
  • C/ Valeriano Rodríguez, 2
    29604 Marbella (Málaga)
  • Monday - Friday: Telefono de contacto 952 835 505
  • Weekends and Holidays:
    Telefono de contacto 625 089 320

for your adventure


In AVENTURA AMAZONIA you can enjoy our multi-adventure circuits for a maximum of 3 HOURS. You can make the circuits of tree-to-tree obstacles as many times as you like in this time. The activity consists of:



seguridad.jpgIn the Introduction Course you will learn how to handle the Safety Equipment and you will do a practice run on a special learners’ circuit. Our monitors will also teach you the park’s safety regulations and you will learn everything you need to know for moving at ease from tree to tree: to slide independently along each zipline. to jump in the liana challenges, how to correctly place the carabiners for each challenge, to scale the climbing wall, …

 After the Introduction Course you will then go to the adventure circuit of your choice, always keeping within the capabilities for your age and height. The monitors will give you advice at all times, help you whenever you need it, and will watch from the ground to ensure that the park safety rules are observed.




The activities take place in a completely safe environment. Safety is established in the very creation and construction of the obstacles, which is carried out following European safety standards under EN 15567-1 and EN 15567-2, especially designed for this kind of adventure park.

In addition to these passive safety measures, guests are given an approved Personal Protection.


Beal Aeropark II: Safety harness specially designed for this kind of park.

Peltz Trac: Double pulley with ball-bearings for steel cable.




New system of Clic-It 'smart' carabiners.  With this new system the carabiners are "synchronised" in such a way that if one opens, it is impossible to open the other, giving 100% guarantee that the participant is hooked to the safety line at all times.

The equipment meets EC standards and is adapted to the specific requirements for adventure parks with tree activities.

The international inspection company, VERTIC ALPS, audits and certifies the safety of our adventure parks.

Conditions for Participation

The AVENTURA AMAZONIA parks offer activities for which no special physical condition or skill is necessary, they are parks FOR EVERYONE.  Although there are certain logical limitations so that the activity is completely safe and attractive to everyone.


  • Age: 6 years
  • Height: 1,15m high
  • Weight: 130 kg max.

In the parks which include MINIKIDS Zone children are allowed from 4 to 7 years.

Type of participants:

  • MINIKIDS:  For 4 - 5 year olds. And also 6 - 7 year olds who don't want or are unable to do the regular circuits.
  • NIÑO: Participant aged from 6 to 15 and a height between 1,15m. and 1,39m.
  • JUNIOR: Participant aged from 6 to 15 and a height over 1,40m. 
  • ADULTO: Participant from 16 years old.

Participants by circuit:

  • MINIKIDS: Children from 4 to 6.
  • KIDS: Niños. Juniors. Adults.
  • EXPLORADOR: Niños from 6 years and 1,25 m. height Juniors. Adults.
  • JUNGLA: Juniors. Adults.
  • AVENTURA: Juniors. Adults.
  • DEPORTIVO: Juniors from 1,60m height accompanied by one adult. Adults.

The circuits are not suitable for people with physical or mental disabilities


What are the requirements for participating in the activities at AVENTURA AMAZONIA?

A minimum age of 6, and minimum height of 1.15m. Maximum weight of 130 kg and normal physical and mental conditions.

Why can’t I take part if don’t meet the requisites?

If the minimum requisites for height and size, and the maximum weight and physical and mental conditions are not met, the activity could potentially be unsafe and physically impossible. We can only guarantee safety if the activity is performed within these parameters.

Is it necessary to make a reservation?

There is no need to reserve, but it is recommended.  This way, we can guarantee you a time slot on the day and at the time you have chosen for carrying out the activities.  To reserve, you have to select the park you want to go to then click the section “BOOKING”, and contact us by phone or refilling the questionnaire so that we can confirm availability of the time slot. The fact of sending this questionnaire DOES NOT GUARANTEE your reservation. It is essential to receive our confirmation by telephone or by e-mail.

What kind of clothing should I wear?

Comfortable clothes and sports shoes (or soft climbing boots). Depending on the time of year and the location of the park, you should wear warmer or cooler clothing

When is the park operation suspended?

The facilities are prepared for exposure to adverse weather conditions.  Operations are suspended in extreme conditions of wind, rain or any other unfavorable condition that might cause a hazard to operations.

What am I entitled to?

The entrance ticket entitles you a 3-hour stay in our parks, and includes:

  • “Personal Protection Equipment”, consisting of harness, double safety anchorage with carabiners, and pulley for the zip-lines.
  • Introduction course, in which we show you how to handle the Personal Protection Equipment, the basic safety rules that must be observed in the park, and how to perform the activities.
  • Access to the high rope obstacles in Aventura Amazonia.
  • Unlike other parks that only give you 2 hours of adventure, or charge per circuit, at Aventura Amazonia we give you 3 hours and you can make the circuits as many times as you can or want in those 3 hours.

How long does it take to complete each multi-adventure circuit?

The circuits at Aventura Amazonia are of varying length, depending on the park you have chosen, but as a guide, it takes between 30 and 45 minutes.

Why do I have to do the Introduction Course?

The course provides you with the skill and autonomy to tackle the high level obstacles.

Do I need any special physical fitness or psychological condition to be able to participate in the activities?

No special degree of physical fitness is required.  These obstacle circuits are designed so that anyone can undertake them.  However, the circuits are not recommended for people with physical or mental disabilities.

Are the challenges safe?

It is 100% safe, providing that the minimum conditions for participation are met. You only have to observe the basic safety rules that you will be shown on the introduction course.

What is the maximum weight allowed for carrying out the activities?

The maximum weight is 130 kg.

Are there many zip-lines? Are they very long?

The zip-line is one of the most popular obstacles, and for this reason they are present in all our parks and on all the circuits.  In each adventure park you will find a minimum of 15 zip-lines, but there are Aventura Amazonia parks with more than 22. Depending on the park, you will find longer or shorter zip-lines, but in all the parks there are zip-lines of more than 200 mts. at Marbella the longest has 220m.!!

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